Tramo Technolab is committed to providing a seamless and transparent experience to its users. In the event that users encounter issues, disputes, or have grievances related to our services, we have established a Grievance Policy to address and resolve such matters promptly.


Reporting Grievances

Channels: Users can report grievances through the following channels:

– Email: info@tramo.in

– Customer Support: 0120-4315451, 0120-4315450


Information Required: When reporting a grievance, users must provide sufficient details, including their account information, transaction details, and a clear description of the grievance.


Grievance Handling

  1. Acknowledgment: Tramo Technolab will acknowledge the receipt of a grievance within [X] business days.
  2. Investigation: Our team will conduct a thorough investigation into the reported grievance to determine the root cause and gather all relevant information.
  3. Resolution: Based on the investigation, Tramo Technolab will propose a resolution to the user. This may include corrective actions, refunds, or any other appropriate remedy.



  1. Internal Escalation: If users are dissatisfied with the initial resolution, they have the option to escalate the grievance to a higher level within Tramo Technolab. The escalation process will be clearly communicated during the grievance handling.
  2. External Escalation: If the grievance remains unresolved, users may have the option to escalate the matter to relevant regulatory authorities or ombudsman services, as per applicable laws and regulations.



  1. Timely Updates: Tramo Technolab will provide timely updates to users regarding the status of their reported grievances.
  2. Closure: Once a grievance is resolved, Tramo Technolab will communicate the resolution details to the user and consider the matter closed.


Records Keeping

Tramo Technolab will maintain records of all reported grievances, investigations, and resolutions for a specified period in compliance with applicable laws.



Fund Settlements

Tramo Technolab facilitates fund settlements based on the nature of transactions and the services provided. The following terms apply:

  1. Transaction Period: Settlements are typically processed within a specified period after the completion of the transaction, as outlined in the respective service agreements.
  2. Account Verification: Users must ensure the accuracy of their bank or financial institution details for successful settlements. Tramo Technolab is not liable for settlement failures due to incorrect account information.


Fee Deductions

  1. Transaction Fees: Transaction fees, if applicable, will be deducted from the settlement amount. Users are advised to review the applicable fee structure before initiating transactions.

Timing of Settlements

  1. Regular Settlements: Standard settlement cycles are defined for different services. Users will be notified of the expected settlement timeframe for each type of transaction.
  2. Exceptions: Delays in settlements may occur due to unforeseen circumstances or issues beyond Tramo Technolab’s control. Users will be promptly informed of any delays.

Disputed Settlements

  1. Dispute Resolution Process: In the event of a dispute related to settlements, users must notify Tramo Technolab promptly. Tramo Technolab will conduct a thorough investigation and resolve the dispute in accordance with its dispute resolution policies.
  2. Pending Settlements: If a settlement is under dispute, Tramo Technolab reserves the right to withhold the settlement amount until the dispute is resolved.

Taxes and Withholding

  1. Tax Liability: Users are solely responsible for any tax liabilities arising from settlements. Tramo Technolab may withhold taxes as required by applicable laws.
  2. Reporting: Tramo Technolab may provide users with relevant transaction details for tax reporting purposes upon request.